The Tuesday

Tuesday Night

Gugge concerts in the inner-city

On Tuesday night the inner-city is reserved for ‘Gugge musicInfoGugge musicBrass and percussion carnival band or music. Originally cacophonous, nowadays more harmonious.’ groups. In the squares of Barfürsserplatz, Marktplatz and Claraplatz they will play both popular and lesser known melodies from 7:30 pm.

Basel Fasnacht - Gugge Music Concerts on Tuesday Night


The whole evening begins at 6:30 pm with the so-called ‘Sternmarsch’ which starts at Messeplatz. The procession goes via Clarastrasse, Mittlere Brücke and Marktplatz. Once at their predetermined place the ‘Gugge music’ bands the take up to perform on grandstands.


The Gugge concerts last until about 11 pm. During this time the drummers and flute players can be found in the narrow streets and alleyways of the old city.


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