The Basler Fasnacht

The online guide for Basel Fasnacht

Insider Information

The following pages offer information about the three extraordinary days of Basel Fasnacht. The information merely skims the surface in the description of the festival and of course cannot fully capture the atmosphere which is why a visit to Fasnacht is a must!

The three most exciting days

The highpoint of the year

The Basel Carnival lasts for the three days and begins on the Monday after Ash WednesdayInfoAsh WednesdayThe start of the season of Lent.. For many ‘Baslers’ and for those who participate in costume during Fasnacht the three days are some of the nicest of the year and a definite highpoint.

Boisterous and Melancholic

The jovial, yet serious melancholic atmosphere makes Basel Fasnacht a truly unique occasion. Starting on the Monday with ‘MorgenstreichInfoMorgenstreichThis is the official start of Fasnacht in Basel.’, followed by ‘Gugge musicInfoGugge musicBrass and percussion carnival band or music. Originally cacophonous, nowadays more harmonious.’ concerts on Tuesday and finishing on Wednesday with the ‘Endstreich’.

Basel Fasnacht traditional costumes

Basel Fasnacht - Traditional Costumes - Altfrank, Alti Dante (Old Aunt/maid), Blätzlibajass, Domino, Dummpeter, Harlequin, Pierrot, Ueli, Waggis