The Tuesday

Tuesday Afternoon

The fun and mischief of Fasnacht begins long before darkness sets in. In the inner city the tram service is stopped from 1pm onwards. Then 'WagenInfoWagenIs a wagon which is pulled by a vehicle and which is filled with flowers, confetti and candy.’ and ‘ChaisenInfoChaiseIs a carriage with costumed figures.’ are permitted to carry children.

Children’s Fasnacht

Therefore also children take the main stage on Tuesday. Small children that are too young to be a member of the CliquesInfoCliquesCliques refer to the bigger groups which include drummers and flutists. or the ‘Gugge musicInfoGugge musicBrass and percussion carnival band or music. Originally cacophonous, nowadays more harmonious.’ groups are given the chance to experience Fasnacht. Many of them are of course accompanied by their parents. Often they can be seen wearing self made costumes and masks (‘LarvenInfoLarveLarve are masks which are in part made of laminated paper.’). They also tend to give out candy and throw confetti (‘RäppliInfoRäppliIn Basel they say Räppli instead of confetti.’) at unsuspecting passersby.

Basel Fasnacht - Children’s Fasnacht on Tuesday Afternoon

Small groups (Schyyssdräggziigli)

Older childern who already play an instrument join in with their parents and friends on the Tuesday forming smaller groups (‘SchyssdräggziigliInfoSchyssdräggziigliThis refers to a small group who plays the flutes and/or drums.’) who play together. Those with younger siblings can often be seen pulling them behind the procession in a wagon.

Lantern Exhibition

Even in broad daylight the LanternInfoLanternLanterns are painted on canvas which is fixed to a three-dimensional wooden frame. exhibition is particularly charming. The varieties of lantern’s, which usually feature illuminated caricatures, provide a colorful ambience. In the quiet you can take in each lantern and are able to read the witty sayings and remarks written on the lanterns. The writing on the lanterns is written ‘Basler dialect’.

Wagons and Props

The ‘WagenInfoWagenIs a wagon which is pulled by a vehicle and which is filled with flowers, confetti and candy.’ and their accompanying props that are used in Monday’s big procession can be viewed from Monday evening until Wednesday morning in the area of Kaserne. ‘Gugge music’ bands give open-air concerts. Along with these concerts other fun activities take place.

Rhein boat rides

To get a more immersive experience of the city during Fasnacht, taking a Rhein boat to the other side of the river always provides a very authentic and atmospheric activity. From Münsterplatz you can comfortably reach the docking area of the Münster rides. These boat rides bring you directly to the Klein Basel river bank which is where more of the Fasnacht activities and music is played.


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